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Voice Recognition and Verification and The Voice Biometrics Group

Stratum’s service offers full biometrics capability, with all deliverables residing within Australia, include system design, integrations, service and support.

Stratum’s partner, The Voice Biometrics Group (VBG), is a privately owned and while based in the USA, has representation globally.

The technology was first developed in 2009 and is now suited to almost any conceivable voice biometrics need. Security, ease of use and accuracy have been the differentiators of the VBG platform, with a logical approach to managing and monitoring performance.

Stratum’s established voice processing technology and development path is synergistically aligned with VBG and enables first hand technical support and technical collaboration to ensure Australian (and neighbouring regions) are fully supported in their applications of voice biometrics. In particular, the key features of VBG’s platform relate to:

  • Continual enhancements to machine learning algorithms to maximise accuracy.
  • Flexibility, with options for hosted, on-premise or hybrid platforms.
  • Multiple language (40+) capabilities and works with either actively or passively collected speech samples.
  • Provision of free trials including consultation, configuration and monitoring.
  • Pricing options to suit all business models and budgets.
  • Simple API’s and seamless integration.
  • Expert local (in country) 24×7 support and customer service.
  • Premise and cloud based solutions.
  • ROI modelling.
  • Security: Data security, privacy and security compliance and the ability to adapt to varying security thresholds.