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Automated/Self Service Telephony and Computer Telephony (CT) Solutions

VeloCT is Stratum’s IVR product suite that provides the international marketplace with highly customizable voice and data communication solutions.

Stratum has the expertise to deliver a range of IVR and CT solutions based on the VeloCT product range:

VeloCT Enterprise

VeloCT Enterprise is a flexible platform for innovative voice and data applications. Incorporating a range of communication technologies, it allows customer requests to be identified, routed, and processed in-line with business rules specified by the client’s organization. More on VeloCT Enterprise


VeloCT Designer

The VeloCT product also comes with VeloCT Designer – a comprehensive rapid application development environment which is used by Stratum to create and support customer solutions. More on VeloCT Designer

Stratum’s CT solutions utilize the latest in caller self-service technologies:

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition allows callers to request products, services, and make on-line transactions by talking naturally into the telephone. VeloCT Enterprise is equipped with the latest in Speech Recognition technology ready for deployment today or as a clear future path for our customers to incorporate into their business when ready.

Text to Speech (TTS)

Text to Speech is a powerful technology that enables companies to extend the benefits of their speech recognition services. It reduces costs and speeds development by substituting human recordings in a number of commercial applications. In addition, TTS can enhance the customer’s experience by providing dynamic, detailed, and personalized information in a real-time, automated voice.

Data and Internet Integration

VeloCT supports integration with all open standard databases. This flexibility allows Stratum to readily provide caller interaction with back office data for improved self service offerings. VeloCT works with standard data communication interfaces as well as providing web service integration for use with internet protocols.
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