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VeloCT Enterprise is a comprehensive voice and data solutions platform, based on Microsoft Windows Server Operating System, developed by Stratum for interactive communication applications.

VeloCT Enterprise comprises three core components: VeloCT Server, VeloCT Designer and VeloCT Manager; the VeloCT Enterprise suite provides tools to allow CT developers to create applications limited only by their own imagination.

Incorporating a range of communication technologies, VeloCT Enterprise allows customer requests to be identified, routed, and processed in-line with the business rules specified by your organisation. Common interaction is provided by a telephony connection and user requests are processed by the telephone keypad or by Natural Language Speech Recognition (NLSR).

In addition to the telephony connections, VeloCT Enterprise will interact directly with local or external company data sources. Retrieval of customer information can be used to determine the best destination to route the caller, or to allow automation of frequently requested tasks such as credit card payments. Additionally, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications can be produced to allow organisations to increase sales, improve customer service and reduce costs. A range of interfaces and media types including Email, Fax, VoIP and Web technologies are supported. The use of multiple media interfaces allows organisations to provide extended information and transactions to clients by their preferred methods.

VeloCT Enterprise allows customers to leverage existing investments in technology to provide a cost effective business solution. VeloCT Enterprise incorporates a complete messaging solution that provides ‘Unified Messaging’ of Voice, Fax and Email messages that is accessible directly from your desktop through Microsoft Outlook*,  a Web Browser, or through the telephone handset using Text-To-Speech (TTS) to read your Email messages.

VeloCT Enterprise is offered as a scalable solution from 1 to 250 ports (or more) per server. Multiple servers can be linked to a single application, providing further capacity, maximum availability and redundancy for mission critical applications.

System Administration is simplified through intuitive Graphical Management Tools that allow for changes to be quickly carried out by System Administrators or remotely by Stratum’s Support Services. Administrators can connect to the Communications Server using Stratum’s Client Software over a Network or through dial-up control.