Quality Policy

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The Success of our company and the way we treat our Customers and Stakeholders is defined by the following:

  • To design and develop IVR solutions and other software engineering solutions in accordance with the contractual and customer specifications.  This requires staff to be aware of the scope of works and any variations agreed to throughout the course of the project.
  • To meet and exceed customer expectations with continuous communication and feedback on progress with the following in mind:
    How we measure against these objectives
    What they ask for Continual measuring of specifications against actual deliverables
    When they want it Continual review of delivery schedules and flagging any schedule variations
    Agreed price Awareness of the need for either change requests or scope variations where original contract pricing is likely to be impacted.
  • Management will commit to reviewing the business objectives and outcomes quarterly and continually improve the system drawing upon information from audits and actions for that period ensuring the right decisions and course of actions are agreed upon moving forward.
  • That employees acknowledge and assume responsibility for actions, products, decisions and policies and that they are held accountable for the responsibilities and actions assigned to them.