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At Stratum ICT, we can provide CT Developers and Systems Integrators with our superior CT software development tool, VeloCT Designer.

Simplified Development

VeloCT Designer is a powerful Application Generator that makes creation and modification of Computer Telephony applications a simple task for developers. This is achieved through the use of menu based graphical user interface with drag and drop functional steps.

An Intuitive Tool

VeloCT is a Windows based Application Generator that allows applications to be built as one or more ‘pages’ containing ‘linked’ predefined functional building blocks referred to as ‘steps’.

Each ‘step’ can be configured easily using the associated ‘property sheet’ and by creating ‘links’ to other ‘steps’ to define the application flow.

VeloCT Designer generates the required operating code during the design process ready for loading into the VeloCT Enterprise Server.

Editing and updating applications is readily achieved using the VeloCT Designer step extensibility features. Simply open the original applications in VeloCT Designer and apply the same building tools to edit the application.

VeloCT Designer incorporates the many standard steps required by developers through a simple mouse-driven graphical user interface.

Some of the functions that ‘steps’ cater for:

  • Database Connectivity
  • Fax functions
  • E-mail Functions
  • Voice Mail Functions
  • Telephony Control
  • Message Manager
  • Text-To-Speech
  • File Management