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Stratum has provided many advanced voice and data solutions for our customers. The following list provides a sample of the types of self service options that are available using our computer telephony solutions based on the VeloCT platform:

Tailor made , non standard automated voice communication

The flexibility of the VeloCT platform enables an endless range of customised functions and uses for voice and data information systems.

Automated Account Enquiries

Allows callers to enter account details (with security) to obtain account details and information extracted from the main frame computer in real time.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging provides a single interface to your voice mail, e-mail and fax messages. You can retrieve, respond to, and manage all of your communications from a telephone or via a desktop.

Advanced Fax Handling

Allowing faxes to be received, queued and distributed to operator screens, annotated with actions and stored. The system also provides a full range of fax out and printing options.

Automated Booking Systems

Uses IVR technology combined with data integration to allow callers to book taxis without requiring operator involvement. These solutions can also incorporate Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech to improve the customer service experience and success rate.

Credit Card Payment Gateway

Solutions providing real time credit card payments and clearance of funds. These solutions work with a number of credit card financial gateways and provide a crucial link allowing payments to be received over the telephone.

Voice Announcements

Utilising the latest advanced Text-To-Speech (TTS) to provide announcements generated directly from text in databases or generated dynamically. The TTS outputs can be presented directly to telephone based callers or by interfacing with other systems used for PA or radio broadcast.